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Need a web page?

I can design and maintain a web site for you. This is often more complicated than most people realize.

Basically, you buy a domain name, then find a company to host (put your web page on the internet) for a monthly rate. Finally you design the pages or hire someone to design them for you. The HTML programming language is used to create the pages.


Visit some of my work listed here:

Coyle Trucking

Cursi Drilling Co.

If you would like to contact me about this you can call or use my report form.

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Web Site Design
$200 per page

* Typical 5 Page HTML Site

Home Page.
Policies Page
About Us
Contact Us Page.
Gallery or Special

Your Company Logo if provided.
One set of Meta tags for search engines.
60 day review period to correct problems.
We encourage your participation and input

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